From: “Pre Emergencies” Preparedness, management, communication and lesson learnt in emergencies – edit by Italian Red Cross

During globalisation times, any player, neither governmental nor anyone from the Civil Society, is able to act on his own. Networking is a priority, even if difficult to put in practice, notably during emergencies, when the undergoing emotions and fears bring victims and rescuers into a unique psychical condition, never felt before. This is the reason why it’ is of capital importance to get ready in time, keeping in mind that emergency is a problem of yesterday, certainly not of tomorrow. The mark has been hit by the European Project Pre-Emergencies, which has been lead by the Italian Red Cross, that followed its mission of preventing suffering and deaths due to natural or anthropic catastrophes. The positive outcome of this project is a reason for pride for the association, and an auspice for further partnerships.

Massimo Barra
National President Italian Red Cross