Red Cross. Assembly in Geneva to decide new symbol

Da: “AGI” – Rome, June 19 2006

The FICR extraordinary assembly opened today in Geneva, gathering the 183 Red Cross and Red Crescent national associations, the first of the three-day international event, to end on Thursday 22 June, for the final approval of the additional logo, the red crystal, to flank the two traditional symbols. “It’s a history-making opportunity to help relax the international situation, giving the humanitarian community a tool to offer more protection to the victims of armed conflicts”, said Massimo Barra, president of the Italian Red Cross.

The conference goal is threefold, with one single solution: amend the statutes of FICR to assimilate the new symbol; adopt the ‘red crystal’ name, and have it formally acknowledged by CICR and PRCS. Aside the acronyms, the burecratic procedures in the several international seats should pave the way to the acknowledgment of Israeli Magen David Adom (Mda) in the movement. CICR is ready to acnowledge both Mda and PRCS, thus green-lighting measures in the territories.