Barra asks governments to guarantee Red Cross’ freedom

From: “” Geneva, December 1st

“Unconditional” freedom of movement to assist migrants in every country in the world must be guaranteed to the International Red Cross and the Red Crescent, according to Massimo Barra, recently re-elected a member of the permanent commission. “The immigration issue” said Barra, “is a delicate subject all over the world and we reiterate our appeal to all governments, asking them to allow our volunteers to move freely with no restrictions so as to intervene as quickly as needed.” Barra also said the Red Cross’s work is often obstructed. “We instead wish to reiterate,” said the president “that we must be able to assist migrants, of which there are about 200 million all over the planet, whatever their political or civil status may be, and therefore also when they are in prison or illegally in the country.” Barra thanked Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi for the appreciation expressed in confirming his appointment for another four years, and emphasized the importance of the Italian Red Cross. “This is one of our country’s oldest institutions and the organizations has 150,000 volunteers. It is my hope that Italy’s state institutions will accompany and encourage the necessary renewal process.”