“A Spirit of Friendship and Concern for Each Other”

Da: “Notiziario” edito in occasione del 5° Festival del cinema di Varna (Bulgaria) organizzato dalla Croce Rossa Bulgara – 18/27 giugno 1973 – Varna (Bulgaria).

Dr Massimo Barra, National President of the Pioneers of the Italian Red Cross, is one of the Festival’s youngest guests. This is how Mr. Barra describes the activities of the young Italian Red Cross members: “Our association affiliates young people between the ages of 15 and 30. They come from 60 towns in Italy and number some 5,000.

The range of our activities is most varied. Far-reaching publicity drives are carried out to encourage the recruitment of blood donors. We have special buses for the doctors “and nurses” teams taking the blood donations, and our pioneers accompany them during their tours of the country. Other teams of pioneers take care of ill, blind and handicapped people. In order to become a pioneer, one has to complete a special course in first aid.

The pioneer is expected to know all first aid rules and methods and to be able to explain them to other people. We organize public demonstrations in factories, offices and schools. Our pioneers are always at their posts in case of natural disasters, for instance the earthquake in Ancona where more than 45,000 people were left homeless. In all their campaigns, the pioneers are directed by elected advisory committees.

Q: What are your impressions of the Festival?
A: I should like, first of all, to point out that we maintain regular and close relations with the young Bulgarian Red Cross members. It is second nature for Bulgarians to create an atmosphere of friendship and understanding, which is obvious at the present Festival. It is indeed a wonderful Festival, our own Red Cross Festival, which fact is its greatest asset. Its origin was not based on formality; therefore our attitude towards the Festival is far from being formal, on the contrary, it is most informal.