Opening – 1st Plenary meeting

From: “Council of Delegates” November 26, 2011 Geneva
Dr Massimo Barra
Chairman of the Standing Commission

Dear friends,

Let me now proceed to the formal opening of our first plenary session of this 2011 Council of Delegates:
I do not want to waste your time reiterating what I just said. I do, however, want to express a special thank you to the Standing Commission work on Movement fora under the leadership of Steve Carr, SC member, and to the representatives and staff of the ICRC and the Federation and Standing Commission Secretariat involved for their contributions and hard preparatory work.
That work resulted in earlier and broader consultations than ever before when shaping the agenda for this Council and on draft elements in the various resolutions now before you. I’m sure the good participatory consultations will help us conduct this Council in a smooth and efficient manner with constructive outcomes.
It is also my hope that in our deliberations today, we continue to honour the ethics of our Movement and respect the humanitarian values and fundamental principles during the debates and interventions in a true RCRC spirit.
Let me now proceed to agenda item 2 – election of officers for this Council:
The Standing Commission proposes that Dr Jakob Kellenberger, President of the ICRC, chair the Council, as has been the tradition.
The Commission further proposes that Mr Juan Cueva Ortega, President of the Ecuador Red Cross, be elected Vice Chair and that the Chairs be assisted by

Mr Bruce Biber of the ICRC and
Ms Yulia Gusynina of the International Federation.

I submit these proposals to you for endorsement. (Applause….)
Thank you.

On this slide you can see the names of the persons, who have agreed to chair the Commissions and their assistants. As you can see on the agenda, the commissions will meet at the end of today to help us prepare for the important Conference starting Monday, its main procedures and key-questions from a Movement point of view.
I’m sure you join me in welcoming these members of the Standing Commission and thanking them already now for their commitment and contribution: (Applause….)

Commission Chairs
1. Steve Carr assisted by Helena Korhonen
2. Eamon Courtenay assisted by Frank Mohrhauer
3. Adama Diarra assisted by Bruce Biber
I now leave you in the capable hands of our chairman, Dr Kellenberger and wish him much success and wisdom in leading this Council!

Thank you.