A Life for the Red Cross (versione inglese)

From: “Croce Rossa Italiana” Roma luglio 2011

I started volunteering when I was 8.

I have carried out missions on behalf of the Red Cross in all the continents since 1965. I have been taking care of drug users since 1974. In these years I have met thousands and thousands of people: both rich and poor, prominent and miserable, healthy and sick, decision makers and beggars, gentlemen and sex workers. I have been in different places: royal palaces and shantytowns, presidential residences and suburbs, hotels and huts, lounges and jail cells.

By publishing this booklet I would like to remember those who taught me to love the Red Cross helping the most vulnerable people. I am also willing to keep on talking with friends and colleagues from the Red Cross and Red Crescent with whom I shared passion, activities and emotions all over the world.